Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camping in Julian

Sorry no posting this weekend. The whole family went camping in Julian this weekend. It was so much fun. The kids all had a blast. We went with about 60 people from Nathan's (my 8 year old) Cub Scout Pack. This was the first time the whole family went tent camping. My husband and I usually take our older two kids camping seperately. I've camped with Nathan and Marty has camped with Emily (my 11 year old). Olivia my 4 year old was in heaven. She spent the whole time playing with Cicada's in the dirt, she only came near me when she was hungry or had to potty. Nathan looked like "PigPen" from the Peanuts. He was able to earn a couple belt loops and the boys did a service project while we were there. I didn't get any sleep eventhough I was warm and comfy all night. I just couldn't sleep which leaves me creatively drained now that I'm home, so maybe tomorrow.

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